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Welcome to Pissk.

Pissk free online sheet is designed for people who want to have a free online sheet, with customize column headers, and collect data from different persons.

  1. Introduction
  2. Company and Department accounts
  3. Sheet and Columns
  4. Department Invitation
  5. Data Collection
  6. Data Management


With Pissk, you can design your own online sheet with your column headers, multiple optional data types, manage and export data online. Also you have seven kinds of Charts for your data

Company and Department accounts

In Pissk, we have two types of accounts:

  1. Company (organization, community, school) account, can create, design online sheet, summarize data and reports
  2. Department (personal) account, fill in the data

Sheet and Columns

The sheet is just like the one in Excel, have a name of the sheet, also need the name of a column.

Use a friendly name, and you can know which sheet you are managing.

It's easy to use the copy function to creat a new sheet the same as the sheet of yours.

You can add up to 100 columns for one sheet, Separate names and data types can be defined for each column.

The data type is the basis for the column. For example, the numeric type allows only numbers to be filled in, and the date type allows only dates.
We provide 9 types of data:

  1. Text type: text-based input type, such as first name and last name
  2. Integer Numeric: only numbers are allowed
  3. Decimal Numeric: only decimal numbers are allowed
  4. Select: Allow to choose from a drop-down list
  5. Time: time format input, include the date and time, specific to the hour and minute
  6. Date: Date only input type
  7. Image: Allow customers to upload pictures
  8. File: Allow to uploads file, and return the link of the file
  9. Checkbox: a yes or no types

Department Invitation

Also you can add departments at the dashboard, but we think it's better for the departments sign up themselves.

We have a invitation system, after create the invite code, the departments can sign up with the invitation link. After that you will see the departments at your backend.

You can also associate sheet(s) to the invitation link, and the sheet(s) will be associated to the department(s) account signed up with this link.

Data Collection

Department(s) can upload data for the sheet(s) at the backend.

Data Management

Company can manage all the data uploaded by the department(s), export in xls, xlsx and csv format.

You can create different chart for the data.

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