A Provincial Passenger Station uses Pissk to Collect Data from Passenger Stations in Counties and Cities

A provincial passenger station uses Pissk form instead of the traditional excel file for data reporting and statistics

As a major tourist province in China, the digital technology of this provincial passenger station is still relatively backward. Before using Pissk online sheet, the daily passenger information and frequency information of each county and city passenger station are summarized in excel, and then sent. To the data management personnel of the provincial passenger transportation station, the data management personnel merge dozens of excel files of each county and city into one excel file. In the process of merging, it is often encountered that the data format sent by a passenger station is not uniform, and it takes a lot of time to sort out the data.

Provincial passenger stations try to use our online sheet as a platform for data reporting. Compared with traditional methods, it saves 2/3 of the time in data collation. After the data of all counties and cities are reported, the managers directly report statistics online and export the data to excel files for local storage.

Provincial passenger stations have copied and issued new sheets and canceled the issuance of old forms, so that county data reporting personnel can clearly see the forms to be filled out. Provincial passenger stations use the table summary function to view the data reporting status of each passenger station in real time.

After proficiently using our online sheet, the provincial passenger station added other data that needs to be filled in temporarily, and completed the data collection in time and accurately.

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